Fresh Canadian Lobster

1 – 1/4 lb Fresh Canadian Lobster. You can order it live or cooked and cracked at no extra charge. Add clarified butter to your order for a hassle-free dinner.

Use the buttons below to add a single order of Lobster or Clarified Butter to your cart. For larger orders you can adjust your quantity on the cart page.

please note: You can choose how you would like your Lobster prepared at the checkout screen. A pick up date and time is also required. Please allow 48 hours for us to process you order. I f you need it sooner just give us a call! 613-526-5229

Check out our other Lobster Feast Products below!

Lobster Lasagna

sm $13.99 / lg $24.99

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Pelican’s NEW lobster lasagna made with fresh pasta, generous chunks of Canadian Lobster and Béchamel sauce is decadent, delicious and oh so easy!
Ideal for family suppers and BBQ; at home or cottage – try it out this summer! Just heat and serve.

Lobster Pate


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A Pelican Original recipe, rich and creamy Lobster Pâté, housemade with fresh East Coast Lobster, is a decadent All-Canadian treat.
Goes great with bagels, thin sliced baguette, crostini or crackers.

Lobster Mac N Cheese

sm $11.99 /  lg $21.99

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Pelicans house made Lobster Mac N Cheese is the perfect high class comfort food. Enjoy Fresh Canadian lobster and a blend of cheeses baked in our creamy lobster sauce. Ready to heat and serve.

Lobster Bisque


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Try Pelican’s twist on this creamy french classic. This smooth highly seasoned soup is made in house from delicious Canadian lobster. From our Freezer to your table – Just heat and serve.

please note: if you wish to have your lobster bisque heated please call the restaurant on the day of your pickup and order it as a take out order.

Pair with one of our Party Platters

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A $25 deposit for the platter(s) is automatically added at checkout and will be refunded upon return of the platter. Or you can keep it! Online orders also require 48 hours to prepare. You will be asked at checkout for a pick up date and time for your order(s) and you can provide any further details that you may need as well (allergies, special requests, etc).

Cold Smoked Salmon Platter

sm $65 / med $95 / lg $125

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Our smoked salmon platters are made with two pounds of our all natural, never frozen cold smoked salmon. We smoke salmon three times a week at Pelican so its always fresh. Your thinly, hand sliced smoked salmon platter includes: capers, red onion, lemon and our classic caper dill sauce. Leave the frozen big box store salmon in the deep freezer and serve our best to your guests. Need more smoked salmon? We can make you a bigger platter.

serving sizes:
small serves 10 – 15
medium serves 15 – 25
large serves 25 – 35

Steamed & Decorated Whole Salmon Platter

sm $95 / med $120 / lg $150

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Do you want to wow your guests? Our Steamed and Decorated Whole Salmons are our most popular platters. We start by carefully removing the bones from an incredibly fresh New Brunswick Atlantic salmon. The salmon is then steamed until it is moist and flaky. We remove the skin and expertly decorate them with fresh herbs and cucumber. Our platters are ready to serve including our delicious Caper Dill sauce. Take the stress out of entertaining a group and let us help. All you need to decide is: small, medium or large.

serving sizes:
small serves 10 -15
medium serves 15-20
large serves 20 -25

Combo Smoked Salmon Platter

sm $65 / med $85 / lg $115

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Our Combo smoked salmon platter celebrates both coasts. A pound of our savory west coast inspired BBQ smoked salmon and a pound of our delicious Cold smoked salmon are paired with our Caper dill sauce, red onion, lemon and capers. Need a bigger platter? We have lots to choose from.

serving sizes:
small serves 10 -15
medium serves 15-25
large serves 25 -35

Steamed & Decorated Salmon Fillet Platter

sm $70

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Our fillet platter is the perfect option for smaller groups. Enjoy 3lbs of perfectly steamed Atlantic salmon fillet decorated with cucumber slices and an aspic glaze.

Shrimp Platter

sm $55 / med $85 / lg $110

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Freshly steamed Shrimp make all the difference! That’s why we take the time to cook ours everyday. At Pelican ours are plump, juicy and firm… Shrimp that taste like shrimp. So leave that nasty bag of frozen cocktail shrimp in the grocery store freezer where they belong. Our Jumbo Shrimp platters start at two pounds approximately 50 perfectly cooked Shrimp, displayed with Lester‘s tangy cocktail sauce & lemon. Need more shrimp? We can make our platters as big as you like.

serving sizes:
small serves 10 – 15
medium serves 15 – 25
large serves 25 – 35

Canadian Atlantic Salmon Fillet

$4.29 / 100 gm.

We care deeply about the quality and freshness of our seafood which is why we only sell Atlantic Salmon from True North Seafood in Black’s Harbour, New Brunswick. Our Atlantic salmon is available sashimi grade 6 days a week. We sell whole side, chunks, center cut portions and tails. Need the skin removed or two matching pieces to make Gravlax? We do that, just ask we are here to help. We cut the fish to suit your dish.

Salmon Steak

$3.30 / 100gm

Need your fish cut in a special way? We can: cut steaks, fillet, debone and butterfly your fish. We are here to help!

Halibut Fillet

$8.81 / 100gm

Halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet tasting white flesh, large flakes and a firm but tender texture. It is quite versatile in its’ cooking method, taking well to baking, broiling, pan or deep frying!

Black Tiger Shrimp (Peeled & Deveined)

$4.40 / 100 gm.

We carry many varieties of shrimp including these superior tasting, raw, peeled Tiger Shrimp. When you want shrimp that taste like shrimp trust Pelican! Available by the piece or save a couple of dollars when you purchase a frozen 908 gm. bag.

PEI Mussels


our mussels arrive in 25 lb bags and sell you what you need. No two pound, grocery store, mystery bags for sale here. We check every mussel that we sell to make sure that it’s fresh and full. How many would you like?

Wild Pacific Salmon

Market Price

Bright coral Spring salmon to the deep ruby red flesh of Pacific Sockeye we follow the seasons and bring you the best wild fish available. Ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable fishmongers about what’s available this week!

Sea Scallops

$7.71 / 100 gm.

Like most of the seafood that we sell in the Market, we cook Scallops everyday in the Grill kitchen! This daily experience makes us confident that we offering you great Scallops to cook at home, available in the quantity you need.

Whole Mediterranean Porgy

$1.98 / 100 gm.

Porgies have delicious white meat, their compact shape make them the perfect fish to grill. Arriving spectacularly fresh every week they are a fishmonger favourite.

Rainbow Trout Fillet

$3.41 / 100 gm.

We know this isn’t a fillet but whole Trout look so cool. Our sustainably farmed Ontario trout fillets have a beautiful orange pink flesh colour and is available every day of the week. Try our smoked Trout too, its delicious.

Whole Red Snapper

$3.08 / 100 gm.

Red Snappers are an iconic southern fish and when you taste one you’ll know why. The bright red skin stands out on the ice counter like a fishmonger at a black tie dinner trying to choose which fork to use. We will scale, gill and pop yours on ice for the trip home to the BBQ.

Monkfish Fillet

$3.75 / 100 gm.

Sometime’s referred to as “Poor Man’s Lobster”, this mild and slightly sweet tasting fish is extremely versatile, making it your new best friend in the kitchen. Make Monkfish skewers to throw on the grill or throw it in your next curry, its’ firm texture means you don’t have to worry about it falling apart!

Atlantic Haddock Fillet

$3.30 / 100 gm.

This lean fillet has a firm yet tender texture and slightly sweet taste that melts in your mouth. Relatively versatile, Haddock can be poached, used in soups and stews and is excellent for pan-frying, as the meat holds together better than cod in the pan!

Bluefin Tuna (Sashimi Grade)

Cleaned Calamari

Jumbo Icelandic Cod Loin

$5.07 / 100 gm.

Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Steak

$7.71 / 100 gm.

Freshly Steamed & Chilled Cocktail Shrimp

$5.30 / 100 gm.

Swordfish Steak

$5.51 / 100 gm.

Organic Chinook Salmon Fillet

$4.85 / 100 gm.

Wild Pickerel Fillet

$5.51 / 100 gm.

Tilapia Fillet

$2.64 / 100 gm.

Turbot Fillet

$4.30 / 100 gm.

Whole Mackerel

Whole Grouper

Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon

$6.27 / 100 gm. for sliced salmon

We smoke sashimi grade Atlantic Salmon fillets from New Brunswick every week and we’ll share the secret recipe with you if you don’t tell anyone, salt, brown sugar & smoldering hickory. We offer our all natural smoked salmon, always fresh and never frozen, in several formats at different prices: whole sides, chunks, sliced sides and smaller packages of sliced salmon. We hand slice our salmon because we feel that it produces the best product.

Smoked Arctic Char

$7.27 / 100 gm. for sliced Char

Arriving fresh by air from Iceland this smaller , delicate cousin of the salmon is preserved traditionally using brown sugar and salt, then cold smoked with smoldering Hickory. It has a subtle, clean flavour and velvety texture.


$5.83 / 100 gm. for sliced Gravlax

Gravlax has a light salmon flavour punctuated by the robust flavours of fresh dill, cracked black pepper and brandy. Our traditional Nordic recipe produced in small batches without the use of wood smoke creates a velvety textured salmon with bold flavours. Gravlax is your crazy uncle in a Hawaiian shirt at Christmas dinner kind of salmon. Live a little, try something bold!

BBQ Hot Smoked Salmon Chunks

$5.17 / 100 gm

Our west coast inspired BBQ Smoked salmon is fully cooked and full of savory flavour. The punchy taste of BBQ with flaky texture of salmon. Its smokin’ good!

Salmon Pie

$12.99 small  $25.99 large

This is my favourite pie! An incredible combination of salmon and cream sauce with a pop of green peas. Cook from frozen and serve with our Caper dill sauce. Pop one of these in your freezer instead of a tired frozen pizza.

Smoked Salmon Quiche

$15.99 large

A warm flaky crust filled with chunks of smoked salmon, herbs and egg. These quiche can be cooked from frozen. Hide the box, we won’t tell anyone that you didn’t make it!

Seafood Pie

$12.99 small  $24.99 large

A delicious blend of: scallops, shrimp, whitefish in a light cream sauce with a flaky crust. Our Seafood pies can be cooked from frozen and are customer favourite.

Pelican Clam Chowder


We make our classic Pelican Clam Chowder with freshly shucked clams and double smoked bacon. Ready to heat and serve.

Pelican Lobster Bisque

Crab Cakes

$4.99 each

All Crab all the time! There are no fillers in our Crab cakes. With their golden brown panko crust they are an awesome appetizer or a wonderful light lunch with a salad. Available in the Market by the piece.

Coquille St.Jacques

$6.99 each

Once you try these you’ll be hooked! Sorry for the pun. Our Coquille St Jacques are a delicious combination of Bay scallop & smoked cheese in a light cream sauce.

Lobster Mac N’ Cheese

$10.99 small $19.99 large

DELICIOUS ALERT! Cooked from frozen this combination of macaroni, smoked cheese, lobster and cream is one of the best thing you’ll ever eat. Keep one in the freezer for when you need some “me” time watching Netflix or share a large with someone you love..who has a small appetite.

Shrimp Rolls

$6.99 – 3 pack

A classic rice paper roll up with shrimp, noodles and basil. We make them in three packs instead of twos like the picture. The bigger ones didn’t fit in our mouths. A delicious healthy snack our light lunch.  We don’t make these everyday so when you see them grab a pack!

Shrimp & pork Pot Stickers

$6.99 – 6 pack

Our classic shrimp pot stickers are packed with a light soy dipping sauce. Steam or sautee in a little oil in a non stick pan to reheat them. I bet you can’t eat just one.

Squid Salad

$3.60 / 100 gm

Our squid salad has a savory blend of Asian spices. Great to nibble on while cooking dinner or mix it to greens to make a unique salad.

Seaweed Salad

$2.50 / 100 gm.

Bright green colour and unique flavour this crunchy  seaweed salad is tasty addition to any sea-cuterie platter.

Salmon Salad


Tuna Salad



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